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  1. Managing Director
    Details to come
  2. Managing Director
    Mia won a trip from CCAP for this salad....more to follow
  3. Managing Director
    This food is soo good
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    Where Mia works Rhonda and i had a date.
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    See the videos for the cooking process
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    Details to come
Cast Iron Seared Steak
The perfect steak
High Heat- Garlic, Butter and a good steak make for awesomeness.  This is a simple way to cook a steak.  Message me if you need help.

Thanks and enjoy
Sausage Gravy
Just like grandma used to make
 Served best with plain old pullman white bread.  The grocery store brand works perfect.....Enjoy.
Award Winning Chili
Almost first place
Cook this for at least 6 hours....that was one of my mistakes.
Stonebaked Pizza
A Nieghborhood Favorite
Easy to make pizza. Cheap at $4-$5 a pizza. Recipe is at the end of the video. Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks Anna. Mattdad
Cookie in a Cast Iron Skillet
Awesome thank you Rhonda
Easy cookie dessert.  Make sure you spray the pan.