Dad, Husband, Chef, Writer , Public Speaker, Passionate Outdoors-Man 
I always strive to make a difference.  Take a look around and maybe you will be inspired.   Check out my other social media time wasters.

John Matthew Starcher

My Greatest childern
Mia Rae, Riley Austin, Ruby Marie, and Anna Jane
I am striving to be a Difference Maker.  Im a dad and that makes me most happy.  Im in love with my highschool sweet heart Rhonda and we have a Dog named Cooper Buck.
 I have always kept journals and just started to get involved in social media.  This led to an inspiring point in my life.  I just started writing. Maybe its my midlife crisis.  Both of my Grandads lived to mid Eighties so i am actually a little late.   I dont consider myself a "Writer" i am just a simple journaler.  Just like my grandmothers were before me.  The words have just started flowing and they are not stopping.  I apoligize for my lack of grammatical skills and my vocabulary is not very fancy.  I hope you enjoy my collection of stories i have been collecting them for a long time.
Family- I do believe i was created to be a family man.  I get homesick when i am away from them and i do not want to miss a single thing that goes on in their lives.  I will always have their backs and i am looking forward to growing old with them.  Family is precious make sure you tell them that you love them often.  Sometimes dudes are afraid or embrassed to say i love you but that is important.  I will say this again love your family as if your life depended on it.
I am living my dream.  As i get older it gets easier to let go of things that dont make you happy.  Easier to not worry so much and enjoy each and every day.  My future is bright and i feel very blessed to be living a life that seems like a dream.  I feel loved by my wife and my family and that makes me happy.  
  • I believe in Jesus.
  • Leave people better then the way you found them.
  • Raising childern is my most important job
  • We were put on this earth to make a difference.....dont settle with contentment
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Ghandi