Dad, Husband, Chef, Writer , Public Speaker, Passionate Outdoors-Man 
I always strive to make a difference.  Take a look around and maybe you will be inspired.   Check out my other social media time wasters.
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John Matthew Starcher
I love my family.  I am truly blessed by them each and every day.
I cannot believe i have a website.  I have always enjoyed writing and keeping scrap-book type stuff so this was just a continuation of that process.  Im a Dad, who enjoys writing about his experiences raising four awesome kids.  I am a Husband that trys to inspire other men to be the best husband they can. I am a writer.  I always kept journals and such and i thought why not really try to write.....maybe even a book.  I am a chef with a real passion for cooking and food.  With all of this comes my biggest goal and my most important work.  To Be a Difference Maker.